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Doc Stan Deido


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The Tales of Bingo

Featuring Kool Ace

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Kool Ace

Pure Fire!!

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Welcome Music Fans, Musicians & Artists

This is where the worlds most talented independent artists and musicians come showcase themselves to music fans around the world who want to listen to high quality original music!

This is where social media and incredible new music have collided to become a worldwide community of people who love music and those who are truly passionate about creating it.

This is BumpitOrDumpit.com!


Independent Artists Showcase Your Original Music!

It doesn’t matter where you are or what you play be it Pop, Hip Hop, R&B or Reggae, Calypso & Zook in the Caribbean, Hip Life in Africa,  Reggaettone in Puerto Rico or Country & Rock in America, we at Bumpit are curious. Artists & Musicians, is your music is hot, do you want to expose it at a high level and would you finally like to get paid for it? Music fans, would you appreciate purchasing and listening to real, new music instead of what’s trending in the mainstream?


BumpIt is Where You Need to Be!


Music Fans Worldwide:

Create a FREE Backstage account, meet new people and purchase the latest original music from independent artists and musicians worldwide.  Stream Live, Make Friends, Private Message, Create Groups, vote for your favorite artists and watch them climb the top 40 charts in the genres you love the most. The more you vote, the better your chances are to win our monthly raffle for Cash and Prizes! Click Bumpit Radio, choose your favorite genres and stream your favorite music while at work, in the gym or just relaxing at home.


Polished Artists and Musicians Worldwide:

Get maximum exposure and the best value for your money on Bumpit! Upload your latest ORIGINAL music and sell it direct to a worldwide audience from your own Personal Music Store. Track your sales in real time and as an artist on Bumpit, you earn .65US per unit sold payable every month. Guaranteed!!! Get FREE Homepage Exposure based on your Sales, Page Views and Bumps! Stream your live performances from your personal profile, upload your latest videos, photos and create a worldwide presence for your brand on Bumpit!



The world can finally see you and your brand at its highest level! Upload your high quality live video performance and it could be featured on an episode of BOD TV, a show dedicated to showcasing the most talented and polished Bumpit artists worldwide, from all genres.

BOD TV is an Exclusive and FREE service extended to Premium & Ultimate Professional members of Bumpit. Show’em what you got!!


Join now, upload your original music and start making money worldwide!!

Featured Artists

Genres: Dub-Step, Hip Hop, Pop, Rap, RnB

T Cash

Genres: Hip Hop, Hip Hop (French)

Stephen Yuress

Genres: Acoustic, Dancehall, Electronic, Hip Hop, Jazz, Pop, Rap, Reggaettone, Roots Reggae, World

Oliver Kuhnert

Genres: Hip Hop 22 year old Atlanta based rapper who has a passion and unique vision for music. P4TRONE made her first song when she was 3 years old called "Fila Boys and Fila Girls" and every since has been putting her time and background to use. Living with a father who was also musically inclined inspired her to start a musical journey of her. Spreading truth and knowledge through music is what helps her remain in tune with what's going on in the world while sharing information with others as well as continuing to do what she loves at the same time. Tho her first EP "Steady Road" is more of a personal project where she's expressing a lot of different emotions, she has tracks like "Killary Klinton" that is more on a knowledge except teaching information while also allowing the listeners to still vibe to the tone of the sound. Check her music out on sound cloud (P4TRONE).


Genres: Hip Hop, Rap


Genres: Dub-Step, Hip Hop, Hip Life, Inspirtational, Jazz, Pop, Rap, Reggaettone, RnB, Rock, Spiritual, Spoken Word, World

Kool Ace

Newest Artists

Genres: Ambient, Calypso, Classical, Coffee House, Contemporary, Electronic, Hip Hop, Jazz, Maricahi, Pop, Rap, Rock, Salsa, Soca, Western

Inga J Harris

Genres: Ambient, Electronic, Heavy Metal, Jazz, RnB, Rock The product of stale dopamine, sedated adrenaline and caffeinated testosterone. Tri-polar dissociative Zen... with the kind of meditation one finds only within a panic attack. This is Chemical Balance.

Chemical Balance

Genres: Rock


Genres: Hip Hop, Hip Hop (French)

Stephen Yuress

Genres: Acoustic, Dancehall, Electronic, Hip Hop, Jazz, Pop, Rap, Reggaettone, Roots Reggae, World

Oliver Kuhnert

Genres: Hip Hop, Merenge, Pop, Rap, Reggaettone, RnB, Rock


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