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The Tales of Bingo

Featuring Kool Ace

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Kool Ace

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Welcome Music Fans, Musicians & Artists

This is where the worlds most talented artists and musicians come showcase themselves to music fans globally who want high quality original music!


It doesn’t matter where you are or what you play be it Calypso, Soca and Reggae in the Caribbean, Hip Life in Africa or Hip Hop, R&B, Country or Rock in America.

Now is your time to shine!!!!

Music Fans Worldwide: Support Independent Artists by creating a FREE Backstage Account. Purchase the latest music available and vote for your favorites. Meet, Friend and build relationships with artists and other music fans around the globe!!

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Perform live on Bumpit TV in the Bfed Music Studios in Atlanta, GA, on location in a city near you or in the beautiful and majestic U.S. Virgin Islands!!

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Featured Artists

Genres: Dub-Step, Hip Hop, Hip Life, Inspirtational, Jazz, Pop, Rap, Reggaettone, RnB, Rock, Spiritual, Spoken Word, World

Kool Ace

Genres: Hip Hop, Rap


Genres: Hip Hop J Major real name Michael Levell Jackson (October 20, 1995), is an American Rapper from Selma, Alabama. Music has been the focus of his life since his early teenage years. While attending Tipton Middle, he began writing his own music. Shortly after, Major performed at his school's talent show; which successfully caught the attention of many and ignited his passion to achieve super stardom. During his highschool career, he underwent a personal artist development to brand his self. Around the time, J began promoting his music with his own graphic designs, gaining him recognition and a decent clientele. Unfortunately this was not producing enough revenue. Major began running into legal issues regarding drugs ultimately resulting in a probationary stint that evolved into an eight week incarnation at Perry Varner's Boot Camp. Being incarnated promoted him to wrote more diverse tunes and identify with his true artist. Upon his release, J began focusing on his music as more of a career than a hobby. He filmed his first video for a single tilted "Hustle On" which features Alabama native artists and friends; U.B.H, KoDeezie, and AJ. The video was well received by many Youtubers, giving Major the green light to tell his story. With his desire to be the change and make a difference for family and peers l, he debuted a very personal account that was summed into a mixtape titled "This Is Me" which includes vocals from Grammy Award Winning Songwriter/ FreeBandz artist Tasha Catour and Interscope Recording artist/ Hustle Gang Member Doe B. J Major currently resides in Atlanta, he hopes to expand and further his career and solidify his artistry and sound on the charts.

J Major

Genres: Hip Hop 22 year old Atlanta based rapper who has a passion and unique vision for music. P4TRONE made her first song when she was 3 years old called "Fila Boys and Fila Girls" and every since has been putting her time and background to use. Living with a father who was also musically inclined inspired her to start a musical journey of her. Spreading truth and knowledge through music is what helps her remain in tune with what's going on in the world while sharing information with others as well as continuing to do what she loves at the same time. Tho her first EP "Steady Road" is more of a personal project where she's expressing a lot of different emotions, she has tracks like "Killary Klinton" that is more on a knowledge except teaching information while also allowing the listeners to still vibe to the tone of the sound. Check her music out on sound cloud (P4TRONE).


Genres: Dub-Step, Hip Hop, Pop, Rap, RnB

T Cash

Genres: Hip Hop, Rap

Bran P

Newest Artists

Genres: Jazz, Rap, Reggaettone, RnB, Roots Reggae, Spoken Word


Genres: Acoustic jhf,ufkb;h;ihhjftd


Genres: Hip Hop !!!!!!!!!!!!!


Genres: Dancehall, Hip Hop, Jazz, Pop, Rap, RnB, Techno Entrepreneurholic success comes to those who take nd not to those who wait.


Genres: Dancehall, Hip Hop, Jazz, Pop, Rap, RnB, Techno


Genres: Acoustic, Dancehall, Dub-Step, Electronic, Heavy Metal, Hip Hop, Hip Life, Jazz, Pop, Rap, Reggaettone, RnB, Rock, Roots Reggae, Techno Columbus Ohio underground  legend" scorpking Buz" Speak for it self


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